What We Have Done​​
Viking Entertainment has hosted numerous events in and around North Central Indiana. Some of our best times were hosting community days and local club/bar scenes. In doing this, we have met and friended many people that we have shared great times with. However, we enjoy doing those bigger events that create lasting memories for your special days. We understand that you only get one chance at that special day and want to help make that possible. If asked, I would say that, our proudest accomplishment is hosting the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This is a very high profile and sequenced event. It took alot of time and preparation to entertain the United States Marines on their most important day of the year. 
​What We Can Do For You​​

​​Let us make that special day even more memorable. A DJ is an essential part of any wedding. We will work with you to make sure that everything goes just the way you've dreamed about. We will start by helping you with the order of operations all the way through that special dance. 

Corporate/School Functions

Like weddings, these functions create lasting memories. We can help by not only providing music, but also by branding your event with light colors. Also, we will use our LED monitor to show off your pictures and branded logo. This will help to make the feel of the event very authentic.


Music and Karaoke are an essential part of a great night at the local club. Nothing brings out good times, or brings people closer than sharing memories while out for a night on the town. We can bring a small show or we can bring our entire set depending on the size of your establishment.


​While these things cover a majority of the events we do, there is no job to big or small for us. Maybe it's just a private party or maybe a family reunion. Whatever your need is, we would love to be a part of your event.